About Us

SWISSWELL was founded in 1940s by legendary Swiss hikers and environmentalist S.EVONY,which store located in Swiss South.

The country store near..., swisswell has supplied the requirements of fisher's waterproof equipment, also for hikers and country enthusiasts since 1940. Now in their 80th year Farlows still espouse the heritage and tradition of their founder, EVONY and their Royal Warrant, originally granted in 1982 and renewed in 2013, is a testament to this. EVONY successfully combines cutting-edge technology with traditional methods and service, with the emphasis being ‘Original in Swiss.’

Since then they have gone from strength to strength developing some of the world's highest performance and technically advanced waterproof tech and sewing new trend. The new generation Zity is fanatical about technology, he always spend hours fishing, researching and refining their products to help you, the material with breathable, the more light weight,and more flexible to help to silent and activity to enjoy in more confortable and fish !

For zity, fishing and hiking is a life-long adventure. They craft and construct tools for the journey that will excite and execute! Wearing advanced materials and dynamic design they have a commitment to longevity for each of their equipment clothing and gear ,and perfectly using.

Swisswell clothing stands for uncompromising quality combined with superb design and craftsmanship. With over 80 years of experience, Swisswell ensures their fishing & hiking equipment are crafted to perfection. From preparation through to finishing, each stage of the hand made process takes place under the watchful eye of specialists.

In their own words, SWISSWELL is "deeply activity in search of human's original ecological life and pollution-free waters." Their core value is to produce the best products, which will last for several generations, so that modern civilized human beings can enjoy the original ecological free life of returning to nature, enjoy hiking and enjoying the original ecological waters, without causing unnecessary harm to the earth, and hope to protect nature with their business.

In short, all swisswell products are innovative, responsible manufacturing and design to execute.Their garments offer high quality performance that will keep you comfortable and protected。 They have developed some outstanding features, such as Omni-Freeze® ZERO technology, Omni-Wick®, Omni-Shade®and Omni-Shield® that are sure to enhance your outdoor experience!